David’s life is changed forever and he wants to thank YOU!

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David’s life is changed forever and he wants to thank YOU!

“I’ve seen God here more times than I can imagine.”

As David clutched the cash he’d earned selling drugs, he felt a mix of pride and shame. 

“I started selling first,” he says, “then I started using drugs. As usually happens, I became my own best customer.”

What started as a normal job in his dangerous neighborhood led to two decades of addiction and pain that would eventually rob him of everything he loved. When his marriage failed, David was ashamed of what his five children would think of him.

“My addiction crumbled my relationships… every last one of them. I didn’t want anyone that cared about me to see me.”

David was disgusted with himself when he resorted to selling his own plasma twice a week to get money for drugs and the occasional bite of food. Through God’s mercy, that’s when David’s brother, a graduate of the Mission, convinced him to get help.

The day he came to the Market Street Mission, everything changed for David. 

“We pulled up in front of the Mission,” he says, smiling, “and there’s a big sign: Jesus Saves. I looked at that sign and actually said, ‘Please do.’”

“The most important thing I learned about God is that He’s forgiving. He will not leave nor forsake you.” 

In our care, David recommitted his heart and life to Jesus. He’s found peace and joy through the daily routine of classes, counseling, Bible study and working in the Mission’s laundry room.

“My life started all over again. I’ve connected with so many people who have come into my life through my spiritual journey.”

David has reconciled with his family and is proud of the father he’s become. He’s thankful for their support and encouragement during his recovery.

One night during chapel service, he felt a calling to go into ministry, and today, he’s planning to go back to school. He says, “It was God’s grace that brought me here. Now, He’s brought me a new calling in life.”

Because you gave from your heart to help David, his life has been changed by your goodness and God’s love forever. “At the Mission, I’m getting a chance to know myself. It’s shown me how to love again.”


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