"What goes on inside these walls is the truest sense of love."

1116_msm_nl_02.jpgJacob was raised in a loving, close-knit, Christian home, but when he reached adolescence, he rebelled. “I started trying to fill a void with drugs and alcohol and relationships and chaos,” he says.

Jacob entered the military after high school, and his alcohol and drug abuse escalated. The military sent him to rehab for cocaine and pain pills, but when he was discharged, nothing changed. “Anytime I felt anything I didn’t want to feel, I masked it with alcohol and drugs, or I’d just run,” he says.

Eventually, Jacob lost everything. “I had warrants out for my arrest and I was doing odd jobs so I could get high every day,” he says. “I was running from the law, but in my heart I was running from the Lord.

Finally, he’d had enough and turned himself in to the police, which landed him in jail. “It was the first step of surrender to God,” he says. “I prayed, ‘Whatever you need from me, Lord, I’ll do.’

When Jacob was released, he completed a 30-day rehab at Bergen Regional Medical

Center and was referred to the Market Street Mission’s New Life Program.

“I came in not knowing how to identify emotions,” he says. “I’ve learned not only to identify them, but to call out to the Lord for guidance on how to walk through them. The closer I get with Him, the bigger He is, and the more I want to learn.”

Jacob has since graduated from the program and is dedicated to serving the Lord. “The desires of my heart have truly changed,” he says. “Because of the Mission, I have purpose, faith and a sense of peace. What goes on inside these walls is the truest sense of love.”

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