"I knew there was a better life for me."


When Freeman walked through our doors the first time, he wanted to change. 

He slept on our Chapel floor for 30 days; he took classes, read the Bible, prayed and went through counseling; he was clean for the first time in years. But before he finished our program, he left. 

And soon enough, he found himself back on the streets, hooked on heroin. 

“I became a slave to the drugs again,” he says. “I woke up looking for it, and went to bed looking for it. I was homeless, panhandling on the streets, just living day to day.” 

“I knew there was a better life for me. But I just didn’t care.” 

Life on the streets got rougher. Freeman remembered the Mission, and the joy of being free from his addiction. 

That’s when he walked through our doors again – this time, determined to finish the program. 

“I knew what I was doing wasn’t right in God’s eyes…I asked Him to help me change my heart.” 

What makes the Market Street Mission different is that our program revolves around Christ – and as Freeman opened his heart to the love of Jesus, encouraged by our counselors and staff, the real changes began. 

“God completely changed my mindset,” Freeman says. “I asked Him for forgiveness and to help me change...and to leave here a better person.” 

Today, Freeman is clean and sober, with a heart healed by love. While he was at the Mission, he found purpose working in our warehouse and through his friendships with other men in the program. 

Most of all, Freeman is grateful that the Mission never gave up on him, even when he thought he’d never be sober again. 

“They welcomed me back with open arms,” he says. “I feel good about myself, and I have God in my life. This program has changed me from the inside out.”

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