It was devastating when John’s father passed away from a heroin overdose when John was only 9. Constant clashes with his stepfather led John to start using drugs and alcohol at age 14. “I didn’t like to listen to my stepfather because, in my eyes, he wasn’t really my father,” he says. “It was a constant battle. I just wanted to party and hang out with friends.”

John spent more than a decade struggling with addiction. But even though he turned away from his family, they never gave up on him or stopped hoping for his recovery. “I was sleeping on a couch at my friend’s house, drinking and using drugs, when he called my family saying, ‘John really needs help.’ My phone blew up with calls from my family saying, ‘Please get help, we love you.’”

Their concern touched John’s heart and gave him the courage to get help. John had stayed at the Market Street Mission a few nights off and on when he was homeless, but this time he made the yearlong commitment to enter our Life Change Recovery Program to get sober and rebuild his life.

“Before, I had an understanding of God but I didn’t really believe in God. But here, I went to church one night and it was the first time I felt God’s presence and surrendered myself to Him. Since then, I’ve had a strong belief in Jesus Christ.”

“Everybody wants a life that we never thought was possible, and the Mission shows us that it is.”

Today, John is part of the internship program at the Mission and is currently serving at a sister Mission in Asbury Park. “I have that drive to help others. Serving others is a big part of my life and I want to show people that, if I can do it, anybody can do it.”

This Easter, John and his family will be celebrating the beautiful new beginning in their lives – made possible by your generous support. “Since I came to the Mission, I’ve gained a lot of hope. Now I know that God’s with me 100% on this journey.”


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