Giving it all to God

Giving it all to God

Robert had finally had enough. Embarrassed by his behavior and filled with grief about the man he had become, he knew he needed help. He says, “I was at my wit’s end with alcohol, and things were starting to spiral out of control. It was interfering with my choices in life. It was totally destroying my character and the very essence of who I really am.”

When he realized the effect his drinking was having on the people he loved, Robert decided enough was enough. After an intervention by his children, siblings and other family members, Robert made the decision to seek help at the Market Street Mission. His brother-in-law is a graduate of the program and is doing well, so Robert knew this was his best option. “I wanted to return to the person I was – someone raised with dignity, honesty, integrity.”

Robert was nervous and hesitant about the program during his first few weeks at the Mission, but the daily routine and lessons he learned soon soothed his soul. He immersed himself in studying the Bible and rededicated his life to Christ. He even began mentoring some of the younger guys in the program to help share his experiences and give them guidance.

“I started to come back to the person that I was raised to be through my parents and my grandparents.”

Today, Robert is employed at a local hospital and is taking continuing education classes. “God has been absolutely wonderful to me. I have a church that I am a full member of, and I’m just looking to grow more. My family is absolutely amazed, so proud of me. They’ve been in my corner for a long time.”

Because of your generous support, men like Robert are facing their challenges and being transformed by God’s love here at the Mission. “I say to people now, if you give the Market Street Mission a chance, not only will it change your life, but it will make a difference.”


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