“The Mission helped me get my life back.”


Jabraun started smoking marijuana when he was only 14. “At first, it was once in awhile, but I started using more and more,” he says. “I couldn’t keep a job, and my addiction ruined my relationships. My life was out of control.”

Jabraun moved in with his mother, but he soon wore out his welcome. “I had nowhere to go. I hit bottom. I knew I needed help,” he says.

Jabraun’s mother introduced him to someone who’d been through our Life Change Program.

“The person got his life back on track, and learned how to be a productive citizen,” he says. “So I called the Mission and they took me in. I knew it was the best decision I could make.”

Since entering the program, Jabraun has grown both spiritually and emotionally. “They teach you how to stay sober, about anger management, and Christian finance and doctrine,” he says. “The Mission helped me get my life back.”

Jabraun gives back to the Mission by working in our warehouse, and he’s looking forward to graduating soon and entering the Transitional Phase of our program.

“I get to stay for three months, rent free, while I find a job and save money,” he says. “I once had no hope for the future. Now, because of the Mission, I get to be a productive member of society.”

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