"I had to have faith."


Carl started drinking at age 17. “I was hanging out with the wrong crowds… wanting to fit in,” he says. “For some reason, I was drawn to the negativity.”

Over time, his substance abuse escalated – from alcohol to “weed” to heroin. “But I didn’t realize how out of control my life was going to get,” he shares. He began committing crimes and “doing the time.” Eventually, he went to prison for five years.

When he was released, he got married and started a family. “Things seemed to be going right for me,” he recalls. But then he rekindled his destructive habits and his life quickly spiraled downhill.

His wife asked him to leave. He lost his job. He was sleeping in his car. “I was broken down. I couldn’t do it anymore. I asked God, ‘Why can’t I kick this addiction?’” Carl sought help at a detox center, where a counselor referred him to the Market Street Mission. Here, he joined our faith-based Life Change Program.

Carl had been exposed to Christianity as a child. “But I had never embraced it,” he explains. “So when my counselor asked me if I was ready to let God change my life, I said, ‘YES!’”

Carl is excelling in his classes – including Christian Finance and Relapse Prevention – and his work-therapy assignment is giving him a sense of purpose. Most importantly, he is growing in his faith and strengthening his walk with the Lord. When he graduates, he hopes to go back to school and then focus on building a career.

“The Market Street Mission saved my life,” Carl says today. “There’s no doubt in my mind I’d be dead in the street if it wasn’t for this place.”

WITH YOUR HELP, Carl and others like him are finding God’s hope and healing. Thank you for your generous support.

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Help other men like Carl…

Carl's story of hope and healing is inspiring. Our Life Change Program exists to help other men in Northern New Jersey find healing. Will you help provide this help to others?


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