“Though good advice lies deep within the heart, a person with understanding will draw it out.” Proverbs 20:5 (NLT)

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A crucial part of the Market Street Mission’s “Life-Change” program is our comprehensive and therapeutic counseling component which includes individual, group, and family counseling.
Clients meet weekly for individual counseling and twice weekly for group therapy to address issues such as substance abuse, depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, PTSD, and anger management, etc.



Family Counseling

We have also expanded our counseling services to include families of our clients. Through this service, we can more fully meet the needs of our clients and help them reconcile with loved ones and rebuild family relationships.

A few goals of our family practice:

  • Provide a safe place for families to learn about substance abuse
  • Give family members space to share their story and explore their feelings
  • Educate families on issues such as enabling and codependency
  • Help family members understand and establish healthy boundaries and healthy relationships
  • Assist families as they work toward rebuilding trust through acceptance and forgiveness



Community Counseling

In early 2017, we launched the Market Street Mission Community Counseling Center. Our desire is to offer the wisdom gained from our extensive counseling experience, coupled with the competency of our professional counseling staff, to the broader community. We work with individuals, couples, and families providing treatment for issues such as (but not limited to) substance abuse and addiction, anxiety, depression, co-dependency, grief and loss, infidelity, post-abortive care, sexual addiction, and anger management.

Recently, we have expanded our outreach to help families and friends of our clients affected by substance abuse. We currently offer counseling services at no cost to clients and their families and are now offering outpatient services to our community as well, with a suggested donation of $60 for an individual and $80 for a couple. The fee is adjusted for those who are unemployed and/or have limited finances. For residential clients all services are free, but they work here so they are committed to the process. We believe it is important for outpatient clients to pay something so that they are more serious about commitment.

Providing oversight to our Counseling Center is Thomas Giglio, who also serves as Program Director at the Market Street Mission. Thomas holds a master’s in social work and serves as an adjunct faculty member for the Pillar College counseling department.

Ready to get started?

Our fees are based on a suggested donation. This fee will vary but is typically $60 for individual counseling and $80 for couples counseling. We do apply a sliding scale when financial hardship exists.

Please email Melanie Molloy, MA, LAC or
call 973-538-0140 to arrange an appointment.

Our Staff

Counseling services are provided by Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Associate Counselors, masters level counselor interns, Master of Social Work (MSW) interns, Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors (CADC) and CADC interns. Oversight of counselors is facilitated by a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) supervisor, Master of Social Work (MSW) supervisor, and a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LCADC) supervisor.

Our Approach

Our counselors possess a strong knowledge of Scripture and are Christ-centered. This orientation informs their approach and shapes their motivation as one of compassion and genuine concern. Undergirded with this perspective, our counselors utilize the most current practices of professional counseling and psychological theory. We believe this Christ-centered approach integrating “best practices” in the field of professional counseling equips our counselors to engage clients holistically toward biopsychosocial-spiritual healing.

In-house statistics

The Counseling staff meet with 50 residential clients weekly and with their families as needed. Men in the program range from ages 18 to 65. We average 2000 individual counseling hours per year and 400 group counseling hours per year.

Outpatient statistics

Most outpatient clients (minors to retirement age with a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds) meet on a weekly basis, but some are biweekly, and a few are seen monthly. This year we have counseled 12 individual females, 8 individual males, 9 couples, 1 father and son for a total of 900 hours.

Treatment for the following:

Counseling for Addictions, Co-dependency, Marriages/Couples (conflict resolution, improved communication, and sex therapy), Depression, Anxiety, Grief/Loss, Peer/Relationship issues, Trauma/PTSD, Divorce Recovery, Anger Management, Burnout, Counseling for blended families, Eating Disorders, and more.

We believe we are more fully meeting the needs of clients to reconcile with their loved ones and rebuild family relationships as well as helping those that need our services but cannot attend a long-term residential program.

Some accomplishments of this past year

  1. Increased awareness of our services as a trusted resource to the community for those seeking a Christian perspective utilizing best practices in psychotherapy.
  2. Met with leaders from and cultivated relationships with more than 12 different churches in our area.
  3. Have clients from 10 different churches of various denominations.
  4. Clients served include individuals, couples, and families of all ages and beliefs.
  5. Approximately 30 outside clients per week.
  6. Over 900 hours of counseling last year.