Dave McKee Scholarship Fund

Dave McKee Scholarship Fund


Dave McKee Alumni Scholarship Fund

Education is a key factor in breaking the cycle of addiction. Opportunities to grow and learn often open the door to meaningful employment, which is important in maintaining long-term sobriety.

Not only that, but continued education can help the graduates of our addiction recovery Life Change Program to discover and explore their God-given skills and passions, and find new ways to pursue a purpose-driven life.

Dave McKee, one of our former board members, was an enthusiastic encourager of our ministry the entire time he was here, and he loved getting to know our recovery program residents and seeing them grow in the Lord.

In his honor, we have created the Dave McKee Scholarship Fund. Donations made to this fund will be used to pay for educational needs for our Life Change Program graduates and alumni.

The fund is designed to help our graduates fulfill their life mission of recovery in order to live stable, productive lives in our community. In recent years, several of our men have graduated with degrees in clinical mental health counseling, Biblical studies, alcohol and drug counseling, electrical contracting, medical translation, and Certified Peer Recovery Specialist.

Thank you for honoring Dave’s legacy by helping to provide educational opportunities for our program alumni as they work to rebuild their lives!