Family Counseling Services

Family Counseling Services – Now open to all!

We are grateful for your partnership as we experience exciting results from our initiative to help families and friends of our clients affected by Substance Abuse.

Expanding our counseling services to include families of our clients has been met with very favorable responses. We believe we are more fully meeting the needs of clients to reconcile with their loved ones and rebuild family relationships.

Here are a few goals of our Family Practice:

  • Provide a safe place for families to learn about Substance Abuse
  • Give family members space to share their story and explore their feelings of betrayal and hurt
  • Provide support for family members who may feel alone in their struggle to understand the difference between helping and enabling
  • Educate families of the dangers of Codependency
  • Establish Healthy Boundaries
  • Work towards rebuilding trust through acceptance and forgiveness
  • De-triangulate unhealthy relationships and look to strengthen healthy relationships of clients so that reconciliation might be given a chance

We are also offering our family counseling services to those who have no loved ones at the Mission.

Please email David Dressler or call 973-538-4953 to arrange an appointment.

Meet David...

david_d.jpgDavid Dressler, MA
Intern Marriage and Family Therapist
Supervisor: Dr. William Presnell

David Dressler has a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy and is a temporary license holder (License # 3TP17-002) with the NJ Board of Marriage & Family Therapy and is supervised by Dr. Bill Presnell, DMin, LMFT.

He works with Individuals, Couples and Families of all ages. His family systems training combined with life experience as a pastor, small business owner, husband and father has equipped him to help Individuals, Couples and Families of all ages seeking a supportive therapeutic relationship in the area of anxiety, depression, addictions, relationship rebuilding, life transitions, trauma, grief and loss. His specialization is providing a safe place for couples and families in distress to learn strategies that will bring about healing and reconciliation.

David’s therapeutic style focuses on a client’s individual needs concerning their personal and relationship development in the areas of communication, boundaries, and personal strengths that create desired change.